Truth Telling Doctor Exposes Her Secrets - Over 100 ,000 Doctors Are In Debt!

Limited Edition Book:
Erase Doctor Debt...
Doctor  Made Blueprint to Reduce Debt and Burnout...

What Is This Book About?...
Do you feel like you will never escape from the burden of being in debt?...

Do you lose sleep at night worrying about how you're going to keep the lights on?...

Are you afraid that you're going to lose your ability to work with your patients and help them in the way that you know you should be able to?...

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you're not alone. 

Thousands of doctors are struggling from the burden of their debts, and it's impacting their ability to be the best doctor that they know they are capable of being. 

Hi, My name is Doctor Linda. 

I wrote this book because I've seen first hand the impact that debt has when you are a practicing doctor. 

In this book, you're going to discover how to take down loans and save at the same time so you can help eliminate the stress of being held hostage to your loans. 

Get answers to questions that can save time, money and sleep at night from a certified financial planner. 

Hear what real doctors are thinking and feeling in their practice lives. 

Learn how the new trends in medicine will affect us all.  

And so much more...

Please take a look at what I've written for you below, and please let me know your success story when you have one. 

I'm here to help you through this!

To Your Debt-Free LIfe, 
Dr. Linda

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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
 "I am so amazed with the information in this book! I struggled with loan debt for so many years. Now, I feel like I can finally breathe because I now have a plan in place."

- Dr. Jim,  New York
"I am so amazed at how much my life has improved in the past several years! I know Dr. Linda genuinely cares for people. I have seen it first hand. ."

-Aurelien,  N.Y.
"I am so happy that Dr. Linda influenced me to take control of my finances years ago. My life and lifestyle has totally changed! I am so grateful! My dreams have changed exponentially ."

- Carletta,  New York
" Take Control Over Debt And Doctor Burnout"...
What People Are Saying About "Erase Doctor Debt" ...
“Erase Doctor Debt is a must read book to understanding the medical crisis that is affecting both doctors and patients today. Finally, a doctor reveals the truth about how we got into this mess of raising insurance costs, medical claims and an overall distrust within the system. Every one who wants to take control of their future within the medical system needs to understand how doctors can pull themselves out of the debt that is plaguing our doctor-patient relationships.”

- Andréa Albright - Author, Speaker and Fitness Celebrity

“What a great book!  A must read for anyone in medical school or looking into a career in medicine. All the insights I wish I had known before starting or while in training - a cheat sheet for the realities of being a physician in today's ever-evolving field. Highly recommend!”

Megan Way, MD, MMS
Board Certified Anesthesiologist

“This book really hits a raw nerve. This book is an honest account of how so many feel but only talk about in private. It really resonated with me. A great read”
James Emmet, M.D.

Kristi Vaughn, DC
Dr. Linda’s book, Era-se Doctor Debr” helped me see that I am not alone with the financial burden and need for balance in finances, work and personal life. Most people do not realize the stress that is tied to the title “Doctor”. They do not understand the totality of what that means. The interviews with the doctors gave me relief. I felt I was doing something wrong, that everyone else had it figured out.  Her simple steps to paying down debt gave me hope. Also, I want to get Daniel’s number to help plan for my finances and future. Thank you, Dr. Linda, for your time and effort to help your peers  shedding light on reality and simple steps to freedom. 
Dr. Kristi
Functional Medicine Doctor

Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  •  Reclaim your power by taking charge of your educational loans head on.  Learn why facing your loans will give you more peace of mind faster. (Page 13)
  • Learn simple, life balancing skills that will help you cope with burnout and set you up for a longer, happier home and work life. 
  • Discover  how easy it is to get started right away and Why it is important to start  where ever you are in your career to revise your pla.
  • Get strategies to get back precious personal time back into your life.
  • Get sound advice from a professional financial planner to answer common questions that can save you years and save you thousands of dollars of financial mistakes. (Page 18)
  • Connect with what other doctors in different fields are doing to eliminate debt from their life and practice. Discover their secrets so you can apply them starting today. 
  • Learn why doctors are not on an even playing field in the employment model.  What can you do to better position yourself for your best outcome?
  • Learn what doctors are saying about the future of medicine and what we all need to know about for our future care. (Page 33)

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